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Endodontist in Greenwich, London

If you're looking for a highly rated and experienced 'endodontist near me' in London, our expert Greenwich root canal treatment team can help.

Our highly rated endodontist, Dr Rory MacSweeney (GDC No: 76283), has over 21 years of extensive dentistry experience and is passionate about performing root canal treatments.

He developed a special interest in endodontics well over 10 years ago and has helped save and improve the teeth for hundreds of patients from Greenwich and throughout London.

✓ Quick ✓ Painless ✓ Great prices ✓ Nervous patients welcome

Specialist endodontic referrals in London

As well as treating private root canal treatment patients, we also accept specialist endodontic referrals from other London dentists. Please see our dental referrals page to start the process.

Why choose Greenwich Referrals for your root canal treatment?

✔️ Over 110 5* Google reviews
✔️ Highly experienced team of specialists
✔️ Modern, welcoming and friendly dental clinic
✔️ Very competitive prices
✔️ We welcome new and nervous patients

Our prices for the root canal specialist treatment

An endodontic treatment in London does not need to be expensive. To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our root canal prices are some of the best around Greenwich and South London:

  • Endodontic consultation fee £75
  • Incisors £550
  • Pre-molars £595
  • Molars £695
  • Re-root treatments Additional £100

When is the root canal treament required?

Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime but sometimes a damage occurs to a tooth (often from a deep cavity or an injury that causes a tooth to crack) and the inside of the tooth becomes infected.

This infection damages the pulp – a network of blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth.

Left untreated, the damaged pulp can cause infection that will damage the bone around the tooth and cause swelling and pain.

If the damaged tooth becomes infected, your dentist or a root canal specialist called also known as endodontist, may have to perform an endodontic treatment (often called root canal therapy) to save it.

The root canal treatment process

Endodontic treatment involves opening the tooth, removing the damaged pulp, cleaning, shaping, filling and sealing the tooth.

Depending upon how much infection there is in the injured tooth, your may be put on medicine before your dentist or endodontist can begin to work.

An endodontist has specialised in root canal therapy and patients are often referred for a complex RCT, Re RCT or to save a previously failed RCT.

Root canal specialist London endodontic treatment explained

Looking for the best London "endodontist near me"?
See the latest 5-star Google reviews for our root canal treatments


Dr Rory was amazing for my dental treatment I had recently. He is super calming and answered all my questions I had. He’s very respectful and also brings an aura of positivity to the room, and he is a genuinely nice guy. Thank you Rory once again, and I will be back in the future for any more treatment I need.

The receptionist was also very helpful, and made me a drinks/ gave me some snacks whilst I waited, as I was feeling a bit nauseous!

I will be coming here again without doubt if ever needed!.
Ryan - Dec 2021


Dr.Rory is the BEST! Not even exaggerating it. I had a root canal performed and it was super painless. Very knowledgable about what he’s doing and I’d definitely got back to him for any future dental issues/advice. Reassured me to the point I even dozed off a little bit while having the procedure done. 👌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾
Evelyn Ragui - Nov 2021


I had a root canal and it was a breeze. Not many people can say that! Excellent work. The dentist, Rory MacSweeney is a genius.

The treatment was painless, quick and with very little adverse after effects. It was also cheaper than I expected as the revolutionary approach meant drilling through the existing crown, necessitating only a minor filling to conclude the treatment, rather than a new crown and, therefore, a much longer and more expensive outcome.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer. I’d also add that the whole Greenwich practice is brilliant from reception to the chair! Well done and thanks again.
John Whitaker - Sept 2021


I have always been very nervous about having dental treatments. Dr Rory has been fantastic, I felt at ease straight away.

I had a root canal treatment and it was quick and painless. Dr Rory is down to heart and very knowledgeable, the best dental treatment experience I ever had.

And Fernanda, the receptionist, is a superstar.
Claudia Macchini - Aug 2021

Root canal treatment - FAQs

See some of the most frequently asked questions about the root canal treatment asked by our patients.

What are the symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal?

Symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal treatment may include severe pain, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling or tenderness around the tooth, or discoloration.

Is root canal painful?

Modern root canal treatments are generally not painful, as local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth and surrounding area during the procedure. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity after the procedure, but this can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?

The only alternative to a root canal is to have the tooth extracted. However, tooth extraction can lead to other dental problems and may require additional treatments, such as a dental implant or a bridge, to restore the function and appearance of the missing tooth.

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